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#5Futures Trend Report

What is currently happening in Food Tech across the value chain from farm to fork?

The 5F Trend Report offers insight into the future of farming, the future of retail, the future kitchen, future food products and experiences and the future of health through food.

Food Tech is the technological innovation across the whole food value chain, from farm to fork, creating solutions for the challenges of our food system:

  1. Feeding 9.7b. Population will grow 35% by 2050

  2. Sustainable protein. The demand for meat will increase by 50%

  3. Climate change. Agriculture is one of the main contributors to climate change

  4. Food Waste. One third of the world’s food production goes to waste

  5. Plastic Waste: By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish

  6. Diet related disease: 3 out of the 7 leading causes of death are diet related

As humans, we sit at the end of the food chain and should deeply care about creating a system that is good for people, the planet and profits.

We elaborated a trend report covering 5 verticals of the food tech value chain

  1. The future farm

  2. The future of retail

  3. The future kitchen

  4. The future of food

  5. The future of health

We will publish excerpts from the trend report in our blog and the full report is available upon request.

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