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Ancla Food Scoutng

We bring you topline reports 
from worldwide trade shows

Welcome on board! Food Scouting tour starts now

What's next in your category?

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We tell you what's coming

to help you innovate successfully

Food Scouting is our personalized and strategic service in which we detect opportunities for your business at national and international food and beverage food & drinks trade shows and stores.

What's coming?

We tell you and
we make it.

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#Living Foods
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We attend key trade shows 

every year

We provide you a visual and rigorous report analyzing all the innovations, trends and business opportunities detected in the most relevant trade shows and stores.

We bring you te most interesting samples so you can taste the trends.

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All you need to know


Our custom report includes:

  • new products and releases

  • new ingredients and flavors

  • new trends

  • new players and competitors

  • new nutrition claims

  • new packs

¿Are you interested in researching a category? write us:

We provide you relevant information along the year in selected trade shows for categories.

We provide cualitative information and research made by experts in food innovation and startups.

We help you to develop innovative products ahead of seasonal trending ingredients and flavors.

Save lots of time and money with our reports and store check.

We do it for you.

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¿What's next

in the food industry 2023?


Vamos a la feria por ti.

We keep you updated.

Welcome on board! Food Scouting tour starts now

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